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HAHA! Trump Paid Higher Tax % Than Bernie Sanders, Obama, MSNBC & Mitt Romney ~ Tomi Lahren

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Tomi Lahren and Sean Hannity Discuss Drudge Report - TRUMP PAID HIGHER TAX RATE [25%] THAN MSNBC COMCAST [24%].. AND MUCH HIGHER THAN OBAMA [19%] MSNBC's "Tax Records" Non-Story: Trump Made $150MM, Paid 25% Tax Rate, More Than Romney, Bernie. While Rachel Maddow drones on with the coherence of Janet Yellen, losing thousands of viewers by the minute, the MSNBC anchor was promptly scooped not only by the White House which revealed her "secret" one hour in advance, but also by the Daily Beast which reported that its contributor David Cay Johnston had obtained the first two pages of Trump’s...
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