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Reagan vs Trump Debate | Cartoon Rap Battle

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What would Ronald Reagan think if he saw what Donald Trump’s presidency has done to the Republican party? #WhatWouldReaganDo #DonaldTrump ---------- LYRICS ---------- [MITCH MCCONNELL] Enough! We've heard enough! Our party is at a gridlock We need to channel the Mighty One, the Great Communicator, the Teflon God... [BEN CARSON] But sir, we haven't done that in years [MITCH] It's time [GOP CHORUS] Novus ordo Reaganomics seclorum We, the Chosen, the gatekeepers of the realm channel the spirit of the Great One E pluribus jelly bean man unum [RONALD REAGAN] Reagan has risen Wow, it’s him (wow) You guys look...
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