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Jonathan Bystrom (JonathanBystrom) on Gab
What does pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and POTUS Trump's Attorney General William Barr have in common? Epstein was represented 2007 by CIA Law Firm Kirkland & Ellis AND Barr is a law partner of Kirkland & Ellis, as well as: U.S. Atty. Alex Acosta, 2007 "prosecutor" of Epstein; Kirkland & Ellis also REPRESENTED pedophile Epstein, 2007; A.G. William Barr's father allegedly HIRED Jeffrey Epstein to teach "science" at the elite Dalton School, 1974. Also, law partners of K&E and GATEKEEPERS: National Security Adviser John Bolton (former pedophile-infested U.N. Ambassador); U.S. Atty. Northern District of Illinois John Lausch (protects the CIA-FBI...
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